Varigotti and Beaches

Varigotti is an ancient fishing village that over the years has turned into a very popular tourist destination.

Its origins date back to the second century AD, there are still numerous testimonies of the architectural and religious past.

The beach of the inhabited center is wide and dense with bathing establishments, interspersed with free beaches, one of which is equipped for the disabled and for dogs. To the east of the promontory, one of the longest free beaches in Liguria extends from the Baia dei Saraceni to Malpasso.

Throughout the small town you will find a crystal clear sea, sand and stones. The best known and most visited beaches are those of the Baia dei Saraceni and Malpasso.

The monuments of interest to visit are the church of San Lorenzo (1586 AD), the Saracen Tower which can be visited by climbing from the town center, the pier and the promontory of Punta Crena.