The woods in Calice Ligure

The apartment is surrounded by woods, chestnut groves, oaks, pines and holm oaks.

Throughout the territory it is possible to find traced paths for walking in nature where you can meet the local fauna, especially in the spring-summer period it is easy to meet deer and fallow deer.

The area is full of mushrooms, ovoli, porcini mushrooms, drum sticks.

There are numerous streams, in some areas they form small waterfalls where you can cool off in the summer.

From the woods of Carbuta, the area leading to the cliffs of Finale Ligure is easily reachable on foot, where there are numerous caves and prehistoric settlements.

The panorama surrounding the walks is always particular, on one side the mountains, on the other the sea.

In the San Rocco area there are some areas equipped for picnics