The Beaches

The beaches of Finale Ligure satisfy all vacationers, it is in fact possible to find equipped beaches complete with all comforts, free beaches (some of which are particularly renowned as “Il Castelletto”), some easily accessible, others more hidden and wild.

There are both free and equipped beaches even for those who do not want to give up their dog even by the sea.

Finale Ligure develops along 3 km of coast with the mountains behind it which make the climate always pleasant, rarely muggy.

The first beaches starting from the west are located along the area of ​​the former Ghigliazza quarries where we can find rocks and rocks. After passing the promontory of Capra Zoppa, we can find an area dedicated to surfers. Entering the village, the beaches are mainly equipped, fine sand and a few stones. Continuing east we find perhaps the most beautiful and characteristic beach, that of Castelletto, a small bay located between two promontories, fine sand and some rocks for diving.

Continuing east we find the tourist harbor which houses small pleasure boats and a few small fishing boats. Also in this area the two neighboring beaches are very popular because the sea is calmer and the water less deep.

Then we find a long coast of rocks and very characteristic stones that will take us to Varigotti.